As an expert hermit with a degree in Masters in Hermit-ology 101; a black belt in being a Stay-At-Home Dad during days off, but a real NOVICE at parties, I really didn’t knew what to expect when my friend and business partner Christopher Lee Angeles, founder of E-Journey TV invited me to go to BAGA MANILA’s 2nd year anniversary, an event organized by Barter Pilipinas so we can cover it for our E-Journey TV documentary.

So I told myself: “Hmmm…. what the heck, might as well get off my fancy desk for a change. After all, we only live once, right?”

…and boy was I in for it — BIGTIME!


This is me smiling while thinking deep inside, saying to myself: “Stomach in! Chest– Ch– Ch– hhhmm– ok, maybe just stomach in would do?” hahaha


BAGA MANILA’s 2nd year anniversary with their vast array of delectable B.B.Qs, scrumptious Grills, and other fine-dining. Located at 1872 A. Venue Makati.

BAGA MANILA’s 2nd year anniversary was well-received by the pack people, from locals to different nationalities just to get a taste of our local delicacies, including our well-favored BBQ grills and over-flowing boozes.

lolita carbon

the legendary 70’s Rock OPM Queen, Ms. Lolita Carbon of the band ASIN. Shot by Sir Bart Abaya of Barter Exchange.

And what’s a party without music? Oooops! I meant, head-bashing music! Rock on!  \m/


Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms. Shot by Sir Bart Abaya of Barter Exchange

barter king3

Barter Pilipinas’ Media Partners. From left: Christopher Lee Angeles and yours truly of E-Journey From right: Sir Bart Abaya (hidden from view), Sir Rex Billy Aguino and his staff of For LED standee barter, contact Bart Abaya: 0927-4192520

The event also gave us a chance, particularly me to get to know the rest of the hundreds of members of Barter Exchange.

One of the coolest, nicest people I’ve met there was sir Rex Billy Aguino, owner and developer of this innovative 6 ft. LED stand that’s 100% Pinoy made.

He tells me that he got the idea from the big flashing LED signages that he would see on the big streets that he knew would be great for putting your business up. But he also realized that it wouldn’t be for every one since having a humungous LED sign like that would also mean a humungous whole that you’d get in your pocket.

So, he took the idea, made it more compact and fairly affordable that he believes that a lot of our kababayan entrepreneurs will surely be interested in having especially when they see they brand sames flying on the screen of this wonderful LED standee.

barter king 4

one of Barter Pilipinas’ business partners. From left to right: Sir Bart Abaya of Barter Exchange and Ms. Alice of Shinigawa Cosmetics.

barter king 5

Christopher Lee Angeles of interviewing the band RESISTANCE. One of the front acts of the night’s event.

I actually got sick of fatigue and stress soon after the event and couldn’t get off my bed for 2 days. But ask me if I’d go there again?

Heck yeah!


One thing that I realized on that event was the fact that it was easier for you to barter with people for what ever goods and/or services that your business has to offer so that you too can get a “X-deal” (exchange deal) price for the kind of goods and/or services you need for your business because there was no money involved.

I mean, think about it? Would you rather shell out thousands, maybe millions just to organize an awesome event like this or would you rather have barter exchange instead? Hmmm…

So, if you too want a “cashless” way of exchanging your good and services for others and save on monetary expenses, contact us right now! We’re always happy to help!

me too Nino Abit is a resident blogger for Barter Pilipinas; a co-partner/blogger for E-Journey TV and founder/author for To know more about him, here.

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